Call for special sessions

The ALIFE 2018 conference, to be held on July 23-27 in Tokyo, is seeking proposals for special sessions.

These will be themed tracks in the main conference. The idea is to attract high-quality submissions on topics of particular interest, from both within and outside the ALife community. We are particularly interested in sessions that will set new directions for future research and bring new voices into our community. These sessions will be part of the main conference and will run alongside other conference sessions.

Organising a special session provides an opportunity to explore a particular topic in depth within the main conference, and to bring new ideas and new people into the ALife community. We are open to any ideas you might have that might create a buzz around your topic or the conference in general, such as advertising the session outside of the usual ALife community, or holding panel or group discussions as part of the session.

Submissions to your session will go through the main conference review system, but the session organiser will assign reviewers for those submissions. As a session organiser you would set the topic of the session, attract submissions through whatever means you wish, and chair the session at the conference.

If you are interested in organising a session, please send a brief expression of interest to covering the following points:
* your goals and ideas for a potential special session
* why your session theme deserves special attention from the ALife community
* what you propose to do to support the session, such as advertising it or organising discussion groups

* Please note that special sessions are different from workshops. The main difference is that special sessions are part of the main conference – they share its review process and accepted submissions will appear in the proceedings. There will also be workshop sessions at ALIFE 2018, and a call for workshop proposals will be sent out separately.

We welcome session proposals on any topic.

The theme of the ALIFE 2018 conference is “beyond AI.” More details about the conference can be found at

We would appreciate receiving expressions of interest as soon as possible, and by the end of October at the latest.

Best regards
The ALIFE 2018 organising committee